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Global Power Print

variable data publishing solution.


  • Banking sector for printing or e-mailing account statements 
  • Billing-based services such as Electricity, Natural Gas, Drinking water and telecom companies.    
  • Commercial printing in general.

Key benefits: 

  • Made to measure to your business needs. No extra features. No extra fees.
  • No modification required for your current data source GPP can acquire data from multiple types of data sources (SQL DBs, Excel, XML, JSON, CSV, TXT and others).
  • Improve customer's response by categorizing your advertisements e.g banks can place ads. in monthly statement based on any parameter included in data source.  
  • Save organization time with a very compact time of building your solution and reduce monthly operation time. 
  • No experts required to modify, GPP flexible enough to allow authorized professionals to modify the way of putting ink on paper.
  • No limitations of languages directions, character encoding or machine-readable codes, GPP supports Barcode, QR, OMR, Right to left, Unicode for Arabic publications.
  • Apply customized data processing, conditional formatting and customized formulas without change requests to your data source (ERP system or Core Banking System).
  • Print, Archive or e-mail in one process. 
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