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Integrated Solutions

1. Mail and unified communications solutions
As employees, partners and customers demand rapid and constant access to one another, efficient communication solutions are essential to your business. GBN Egypt Professional Mail & Messaging solutions focus on implementing and refining your Mail infrastructure to help ensure they reach their full potential and deliver maximum impact for your business.

Our Mail Solutions offerings include:
• Consulting: we assess, create and/or refine disaster recovery, replication and business continuance strategies specific to your Mail environment.
• Migration: using best practices, we help you quickly and seamlessly migrate massive volumes of messaging data, minimizing end-user business impact.
• Upgrade: we help ensure your environment is upgraded with minimal end-user business impact while educating administrators on new features and functionality that enhance the value of your investment.
• By levering our extensive experience with mail solutions, you can expect to:
• Fully exploit the potential of your Mail environment, ensuring high-availability and optimal performance.
• Improve the ability of your employees, customers, and partners to communicate rapidly and effectively with one another.

2- Consultation and Site Assessment Services
If you are looking for ideas on any aspect of your IT infrastructure, or if you have a problem to solve, GBN Egypt will be pleased to give you a straightforward assessment of what is possible and the options to achieve it with the results you want. We’ll get started by understanding your business objectives, identifying the available risks then working towards interpreting these objectives into technical requirements. Next, we’ll outline an overall solution that will clearly define all your business objectives. We’ll finalize the statement of work, define hardware requirements, and create a high-level solution design. Upon your approval, we’ll step to the next phase.

3. IT Systems Management & Automation Solutions
Within any IT environment, there are a myriad of applications, servers and supporting infrastructure components that must be managed at all times to ensure seamless business operations. Monitoring capacity and server availability, protecting your company, monitoring user activity and managing storage are of the responsibilities your IT administrators must juggle.
As your company relies on its IT environment more and more, you must manage your IT department much like a stand-alone business. Through implementation of leading management tools and best-practice service management processes, GBN Egypt IT Systems Management & Automation Solutions help automate and streamline the enterprise-wide administration of computer systems and improve service levels to your internal customers.
By implementing GBN Egypt IT Systems Management & Automation Solutions, you can expect to:
• Achieve a better understanding of the IT environment
• Automate key business processes and error-prone manual tasks
• Improve service quality to the business
• Reduce risk by adopting best practices
• Reduce costs by lowering labour requirements
• Install applications once centrally, and make it available to the right users
• Minimizing the management cost, for applications and desktops
• Providing a better security model and control for client desktops, and applications
• Minimizing the general operational costs related to support and service desk function


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